Physical Medicine

Physical Medicine modalities for comfort, care, and pain relief

The brand of healthcare provided at Core Concepts aims to provide a comprehensive therapeutic experience in order to achieve the ultimate goal of healing and restoring function. The treatments at Core Concepts, in addition to rehabilitating the injured patient, place great emphasis on duplicating the body’s energies.

Core Concepts uses physical medicine modalities as adjunctive procedures which is part of a holistic approach total case management. Our emphasis is on therapies that duplicate the body’s natural responses, alleviate symptoms, and those that aid in restoring normal functions of the body.

Chiropractic physiologic therapeutics encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the body, using the natural forces of healing such as air, cold, rest, exercise, traction, moist heat, light, massage, water, and other forces of nature.

Core Concepts applies these physical medicine forces and substances to induce a physiologic response and use and/or allow the body’s natural processes to return to a more normal state of health.

The most common clinical applications used at Core Concepts include the therapeutic use of cold, exercise, rest, heat, manual therapy, rehabilitative procedures, supports, braces, traction and trigger point therapy.