Patient Types

As evidence supporting the effectiveness of chiropractic continues to emerge, healthcare consumers are turning in large numbers to chiropractic care. Our professional services are based on the model of healthcare embracing an individualized and comprehensive therapeutic experience for each patient. Watch our practice introductory video.

Individual Patient Care

  • Provides efficient and long lasting functional results
  • Improves overall quality of life

Our systematic common sense approach allows us to identify the problem, eliminate the source of the problem (rather than just treat symptoms), and effectively cure residual symptoms that have lingered due to an unsolved cause. By understanding what the root cause(s) of a particular condition may be, the staff at Core Concepts have been able to successfully improve patient outcomes consistently and effectively. By applying this simple approach, Core Concepts is able to cater to various types of patients who consistently are satisfied with their improved outcome. Please take the time to discover which type of patient you may be to see how we may help you!